Monday, July 4, 2011

Our next Monetary System and the End of Freedom

Our current monetary system is destined to collapse, and the citizens of the United States won't get to choose what their next monetary system will look like. This new monetary system, which will be imposed on the people of the U.S., is likely to be a totalitarian system that results from acute shortages of essential resources. There are a couple of unconventional things that we as citizens can and must do to keep ourselves free from the entanglements of this new monetary system.

First of all, the arithmetic behind the collapse of our current monetary system is simple. $14 trillion in on-balance-sheet federal government debt, coupled with over $70 trillion in off-balance-sheet federal government liabilities and obligations, with nothing on the asset side of the government balance sheet other than a paper currency that has no tangible assets behind it and which is nothing more than an empty promise of future payment. There is no way for the federal government to come up with the full value of the $84 trillion that it will need to meet its financial obligations. It is as simple as that. The federal government will be forced to default -- explicitly or through the hyperinflation of its currency -- and either way leads to the destruction of the U.S. dollar and the collapse of our existing monetary system.

What will replace the U.S. dollar? Perhaps another paper U.S. dollar? After the U.S. government has defaulted on the U.S. dollar, why would anyone be willing to accept another paper U.S. dollar? The answer is that they won't be. The government is going to have to come up with something else. The new monetary system will be born in a desperate environment of extreme scarcity and will be implemented using new technology -- technology which preserves the power of government but which robs freedom from the American people. This technology is based on the simple and seemingly innocuous idea of unique identifiers.

Unique identifiers are quite useful for keeping track of things. For example, a unique identifier (in the form of a tracking number) enables shipping companies to track a package from its origin to its destination. Vehicle identification numbers and license numbers enable individual cars to be identified and tracked through every transaction, accident, and repair. And each airplane has a unique tail number by which it is identified and tracked in the air and on the ground as well.

Unique identifiers allow living things to be identified and tracked too. We had a pet ID microchip implanted in our dog so that if she ever gets lost, she can be identified. There is even an ID microchip for humans now. It is called the VeriChip.

The VeriChip has been approved by the FDA for implanting in humans. The company that owns the technology is touting some compelling benefits for people who are implanted with the VeriChip. See here, here, here, here, and here. But IMHO, having a microchip implanted in your body is a colossally bad idea, because by so doing, you will be granting institutions the ability to track and identify you, and exercise a great deal of power over you as an individual.

To preserve the freedom of individuals, governmental powers must be dispersed, so that broad powers over large groups of people are not contained within a single package that can be seized by unscrupulous, power-hungry leaders. That is why in the U.S., there are checks and balances between the three branches of government (judicial, legislative, and executive) and a separation of powers between the federal government and state governments.

Microchips implanted in people, used in combination with modern point-of-sale systems, with back-end databases and the connectivity of the Internet, could enable a single institution to control all commerce. Think about that for a second. If people could be electronically identified, modern technology could enable a single institution to control all buying and selling throughout the world. That is a concentration of enormous, unprecedented power, and if that power were seized by the wrong people, well, we are talking Book of Revelation-type stuff, as in, "And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name." (Revelation 13:17)

Sure, under normal circumstances, most people would balk at the idea of having microchips embedded in their bodies. Unfortunately, it is easy to imagine a set of circumstances in which having microchips implanted in us would be a suggestion that is hard to resist.

Imagine if there were a biological terrorist attack (false flag or not). A virus could be released at a few U.S. airports. People would walk through the airport, get infected, board their planes, infect everyone else on their flights, the infected people would board connecting flights, etc., and then 24 hours later, people all over the country and all over the world start dying horrible deaths. To stop the pandemic, everyone across the country would have to hunker down inside their homes for perhaps 90 days or longer.

During that 90 days, no oil gets refined, no electricity gets generated, no sewage gets treated, no drinking water gets pumped, and many of the technicians who know how to do those things might die from the virus. IOW, the lights would go off and might not come back on for a long, long time. (For a good illustration of such a pandemic's likely impact on our modern society, see this documentary from the History Channel.)

Now imagine in the year following the pandemic that there is a spate of severe weather. We could see winter weather that lingers into spring, severe hailstorms, droughts, etc. There is good precedent for this type of weather event -- it has occurred before and seems to follow a cycle that repeats every 180 years, so we are due for it to happen again.

As a result of these two calamities, cars and trucks wouldn't have fuel, crops wouldn't get planted, and grocery store shelves would be emptied quickly. People would get desperate for food. Law and order stays in force only as long as people have access to essential resources. Without the essentials for people to survive, there would be chaos in the streets, like what happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. (As another illustration, you've probably seen video of people knocking each other over just to get cheap goods at stores on Black Friday -- imagine how people will react when there is not enough food for them on store shelves.)

Shortly, I will explain how calamities such as these (biological terrorist attack and severe weather) could lead people to want to have ID microchips implanted in their bodies, and how that could lead to our next monetary system. But these two calamities are not the only potential triggers that could get us there. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes could do it as well.

Imagine that the entire U.S. or some region of the U.S. has been devastated by a terrorist attack or natural disaster. The people lack essential resources, and are looting and rioting in the streets. The government shows up to restore order and distribute aid. They set up camps to provide shelter and food, like this one in Biloxi, Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.

The government is likely to find that the people in these camps are unruly -- they are taking more than their share of government food, leaving camp and looting the surrounding area, committing crimes, etc. So, the government says, "Let us implant this ID microchip in your arm. That way we can make sure that you are getting the food that you need, we can give you the medical care you need, and we can generally take better care of you if you have this microchip." If you are starving, and if getting a microchip implanted in your body is the only way for you to get food and medical care, it would be easy to think that getting that microchip is a good idea. That decision would be a no-brainer for lots of sheeple.

Even with the microchip, people might still come and go from the camp to loot and commit crimes. In an effort to restore order in the surrounding area, the government might start logging people's comings and goings from the camp, to help identify suspects of crimes committed in the area. The government would probably institute a curfew for the camp, and they might "temporarily" detain people in the camp while the authorities work to restore order in the region. Running camps such as these would be a huge expense, so the government might insist that the people in the camps put in some labor on government work projects. The camps would basically devolve into concentration camps, and people's desperation would give the government complete control over their lives.

If things get desperate enough across the country, the population of the U.S. could be easily "motivated" to get ID microchips implanted in return for government food and medical care. Through calamity, the government could not only preserve its power, but could expand governmental power to a terrifying degree. As soon as the U.S. population has been chipped, an unprecedented degree of power will be concentrated in one neat package that could give a single institution the power to control all commerce. Once that power is in the hands of the wrong people, citizens can say goodbye to freedom and liberty. And all that would be needed to bring this about is a few disasters.

Is there a widespread disaster that could be facilitated or be allowed to happen in order to get this ball rolling? Yes, tragically, there is. What happens when the federal government defaults on its financial obligations and everyone loses faith in the U.S. dollar? Imagine the widespread chaos that will ensue. Everyone will need food because all commerce will grind to a halt. Everyone will need medical care. Everyone will need clothing. In short, everyone will lack the resources necessary for life, and the only way for them to get the things they need to stay alive will be to move into a camp where government aid is being distributed and ID microchips are being embedded in people.

Is it possible that in an office somewhere, someone is designing a new monetary system that will be based on human-embedded ID microchips and on governmental or institutional control of all the production, distribution, and consumption of scarce and essential resources? I think it is quite possible, even likely. If a layman like me can see that our current monetary system is destined to collapse, powerful and evil people can no doubt see that as well. They have to know that the U.S. dollar is doomed, so they no doubt have plans in place to capitalize on the collapse of our monetary system and this singular opportunity to seize power over vast populations.

But what about gold and silver? Won't citizens owning tangible assets that can be used as money bring about a new, sound money-based monetary system? Unfortunately, a non-totalitarian monetary system would function only if the citizenry has ready access (outside of institutional control) to the resources necessary to sustain their lives. IOW, if there is not enough food for everyone, and if those people and organizations under government power are the only ones who can get any food, then I am afraid that gold and silver alone won't save the freedom of the U.S. people. Totalitarian institutions are likely to gain control of whatever limited food and resources are available, and will distribute aid only to those people who submit to the edicts that the institution in power dictates.

So, a big secret to preserving your personal freedom is to have your own supply of food and other essentials. If you have a supply of food for your family for a full year or two, then in the face of disasters and calamities, when the government comes along and offers you aid in return for having a microchip implanted in your arm, you can tell them, "No thanks." Of course, if you are in debt with a government-backed mortgage on your home, then they might be able to take away your shelter. But if in addition to food you also have some gold or silver, you might be able to use a few ounces of your precious metal stash to pay off your mortgage debt in devalued U.S. dollars.

Here's our situation in a nutshell. The U.S. dollar is doomed. Its collapse will likely be hastened by natural and man-made disasters. Once our existing monetary system collapses, there will be profound and prolonged scarcity of food and other resources essential to sustain people's lives. Resource scarcity will of necessity result in a new monetary system and power structure that is based on a command and control economy. Having ID microchips implanted in people will make a lot of sense to sheeple everywhere. The resulting ability to assert control over all commerce will offer an unprecedented chance for evil institutions to exercise totalitarian power over vast populations. There are things that we can do to preserve our individual freedoms, but those things are rather unconventional (food storage, gardening, precious metals). In closing, let me provide some links to ideas along those lines.

The ability to pay off dollar-based debt is important. Pay off your debts today if you can. If you can't, at least get your retirement funds out of dollar-denominated assets and into tangible assets such as precious metals. I have found APMEX to be a reliable place to buy precious metals.

Food storage is vital -- one year of food for your family is essential, but two or more years of food would be better. Emergency Essentials is one source of food stuffs, but you might be able to find less expensive sources if you look, such as Costco.

The fact is that you won't be able to go it alone. You will need to find communities of like-minded people with whom you can share resources and expertise. If you are willing to consider advice from the Mormon church, their Provident Living web site can be quite helpful, and includes information on home storage and gardening.

People who are active in the Mormon faith should find the risks and the scenario that I describe in this blog post quite easy to believe, because of various passages from their canon of scripture. For example, this passage speaks of a desolating plague that will sweep the land at some point, perhaps in the near future. Here is a document from the church about how to survive a pandemic. This scripture passage warns of severe weather events that will destroy the world's crops, perhaps in the near future. And this passage warns of conspiracies by evil and designing men. This address given by one of the leaders of church over 30 years ago advises the storage of essential resources. And this one warns of the dangers that will befall the U.S. constitution and offers some hope for the survival of free principles and liberty.

May God grant that those among us who love freedom will be blessed to preserve it through the trying times that lie ahead. God bless America.


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